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What’s in a name?

Think of your favorite brand names. Perhaps a store, an auto maker, a breakfast cereal. Whatever the product, the brand name tells you what to expect. You recognize it the moment you see it. The brand name provides that sense of familiarity and creates trust you rely on.

When selling, you want your home to be visible to buyers. And where are those buyers? They’re at Coldwell Banker Sandy River Realty. We are the brand where people know what to expect. Coldwell Banker is the nation’s largest real estate company. Sandy River Realty is the region’s largest seller of homes. We are the familiar brand that people trust.

Coldwell Banker Sandy River Realty. You recognize us the moment you see us.

So are you ready to sell? Let’s help prepare your home for sale.

There are dozens of lists on the internet about preparing your home for sale. Which tips should you follow? The key is keep it simple! Stick with the obvious things that everyone will appreciate…

  • Clear out the clutter. Buyers need to walk through the rooms of your house without tripping over things. They need to peek into closets to see how large they are. They need to see if kitchen and bathroom counters suit their needs. A buyer’s visit is called a “showing” – so let’s show the house to them! Do your best to create a spacious feeling throughout your home.
  • Lighten up! When you know a buyer will be visiting your home, make things light and bright! Leave your curtains and blinds open to bring in the natural sunlight. For interior rooms without natural light, up the wattage of the light bulbs to prevent that dark and drab feeling. Let there be light!
  • Eliminate odors. Nothing makes a showing less pleasant than odor! Empty trash cans and litter boxes daily. Air out the kitchen after cooking pungent foods. Place potpourri or air fresheners in bathrooms and closets where aromas may linger. Keep the house clean, swept and vacuumed.
  • Reduce personalization. A showing is a time for the buyer to imagine themselves living in the house. That’s hard to do if personal effects dominate every room. No need to redecorate, just remove the easy stuff. Take down wild posters, refrigerator magnets, tabletop frames with family photos. Let buyers focus on the house, not the other stuff.
  • First impressions. The entrance to your home creates a first impression in the buyer’s mind. Give the entry a welcoming feeling! A new doormat and some potted flowers on the porch create a happy feeling as someone walks through your door. Put a smile on their face as they step into your house.