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Remember - buyers have rights too!

Maybe you’re a first-time homebuyer, or perhaps you’ve been through this before. Either way, some buyers approach the process of buying a home with hesitation. Maybe you’ve heard of the expression “let the buyer beware”. Or maybe you’ve heard that all real estate agents work for the seller. At Sandy River Realty, we want you to know that buyers have rights, too! Think of these assurances as your “Bill of Rights”:

  • You have the right to look at as many houses as it takes. Our brokers don’t limit the number of homes you can see. You should look at however many homes it takes for you to find the right one!
  • You have the right to set your price range. At Sandy River Realty, we are happy to show you homes in any price range. You should focus on whichever price range fits your budget, your style, and your needs!
  • You have the right to make informed decisions. Our brokers make sure you know all disclosures made by a seller about their house. We’ll tell you everything we learn about a house, and if there are concerns, we will connect you with the right person to give you answers.
  • You have the right to thoroughly inspect your home. At Sandy River Realty, our brokers will always suggest that you have a home inspection. And if the results are disappointing, we will explain all of the options you may consider.

Remember – buyers have rights, too! If you want a smooth home-buying experience, let us guide you through the process to find your ideal home.


So are you ready to make an offer?

Act fast once you find the right house. The inventory of homes for sale is low and the competition for housing continues to heat up. Few things are more disappointing than learning that another offer was accepted before yours was submitted. Once your search criteria have been met, be ready to take the next step!

Make a solid offer. Everyone wants a good deal, right? Still, the surest path to a successful purchase is making a good, solid offer. Your offer should be comparable to other sales in the area. Other key factors include condition of the home and length of time on the market. Your experienced real estate broker will be instrumental in helping you create the right offer.

Be prepared to negotiate. When a seller sets their listing price, they are inviting buyers to make an offer. Likewise, when a buyer makes an offer, it’s their “rsvp” that they are interested. Usually, neither party will get their exact price. Through negotiation, the “right” price will be revealed.

Understand how much you can really afford. You want the price to come down, but the seller will ask for the price to go up. Be flexible on what you will pay but be prepared to walk away when necessary. You must be comfortable with the mortgage payment and have enough cash for repairs and maintenance.


Are you ready to find your dream home? Contact us today, and we'll let you know how we can help!