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Rentals and Property Management

If you’re thinking about renting…Our property management division has a great selection of rental properties. When you rent from us, you can rest assured, that you’ll be getting a rental which is clean, well maintained, and safe. And best of all, you’ll enjoy dealing with our friendly, professional management staff throughout your entire tenancy. In fact, we think you’ll enjoy working with us so much, that you’ll want to come back and buy a house from us someday! Maybe that very one which you’ve been renting from all along. You can fill out an online rental application today! Click her to see a list of services we provide for our tenants.

If you are a homeowner, and want to rent out your home…You probably have at least a few questions, and maybe even some major concerns. Well, good news! You can browse our site, call us, send us an email, you can even fill out our online landlord application right here on our website. Once we have that, we’d be happy to meet with you at your property and give you a free consultation, no strings attached. It’s that easy. Click here to find a detailed list of services we provide to our landlords.

Landlord Services
  1. We meet with you, either in person, or over the telephone.
  2. We advertise your property online, locally with flyers, and with yard signs.
  3. We provide an “in depth” application process. The applicant can fill out an application online, or pick one up from our office in Farmington.
  4. We use the applicant’s data to help “align” them with a property which best suits their criteria. You will only receive applicants whom match your property’s requirements.
  5. We coordinate with the prospective tenant to view the property.
  6. We conduct all background checks, and credit checks necessary.
  7. We conduct reference checks  from past landlords, employers, etc.
  8. We will complete the lease process, as well as any other paper work involved for the property.
  9. We are well versed in Section 8 procedures and requirements. We will complete the necessary paper work, and attend the various inspections required.
  10. We will collect all fees for the tenant to start tenancy: first month’s rent, security deposit, pet deposit, any other misc. fees necessary to start the tenancy
  11. We collect rent, and deposit checks into your designated accounts.
  12. We provide full accounting services, which includes holding all security deposits in designated trust accounts and paying bills from property rental proceeds.
  13. We will supply you with copies of all bills, along with monthly account statements.
  14. We act as a liaison between you, and the tenant.
  15. We work with the tenant to renew their lease.
  16. We coordinate with the tenant for property inspections.
  17. We provide photographic records of property condition and maintenance performed.
  18. We handle all tenant notifications, and maintenance requests.
  19. We work with you in dealing with all eviction procedures.
  20. We always have an attorney on retainer in the event we need legal assistance.
  21. We will contract with vendors to perform lawn care, snow plowing, maintenance, etc..
  22. We will communicate with you as much, or as little as you require.
  23. We are always reachable to answer any questions or concerns you might have.
Tenant Services
  1. We will work with you to help you find a great place for you and your family to call home.
  2. We take great pride in knowing we are supplying you and your family with a clean and safe living environment.
  3. We perform background checks on all prospective landlords. We have found that it’s always good to know that the landlord you’re renting from is reliable and responsible.
  4. We will work with you from the start of your lease, to the end, to make sure your rental is everything that you would expect.
  5. We will make sure that both parties on the lease honor their commitments.
  6. We handle all maintenance requests in a timely manner. We even have a 24 hour EMERGENCY service. We will dispatch the area’s very best technicians and service people to fix what ails you. All of our vendors are fully insured, and trustworthy. We will coordinate with you and the technician to make sure your repairs have been performed successfully, and satisfactorily.
  7. We act as a liaison between you, and the landlord. If you have a question or concern, we’ll get an answer for you.
  8. We provide keys for you in lock-out situations.
  9. We will remind you when your lease is about to expire. If you are renewing, we will work with you to make sure your renewal process goes smoothly.
  10. Maybe you’re not renewing, and you are thinking about buying. Well then, you’ve come to the right place! We will work with you every step of the way, and show you how easy it can be to buy your own home.
  11. We are always reachable to answer any questions or concerns you might have.


Testimonials from Landlords and Tenants...
  • "Wendy has been an excellent property manager. When we have questions, she gets back to us swiftly. Any issues with our tenant, she is right there to help us. Living so far away, it gives us peace of mind to have Wendy. We would highly recommend her to our neighbors in need of property management."H.P.…..Landlord…..Jensen Beach, FL"
  • "Wendy has been managing our property while we have been living out of town and/or out of state. It has brought us great peace of mind to have this property managed under her capable hands. We appreciate having her. Good job well done."L.F.…..Landlord…..New Sharon, ME"
  • Wendy was very knowledgable, and accomodating. I could always reach her whether by phone, text, or email. She always had the answers and solutions. I would not hesitate to do business with Wendy again. She made a tough transition in my person life bearable."Karla…..Tenant…..Wilton, ME"
  • Wendy Wright has been an extraordinary manager for our investment properties in Farmington, ME. Wendy goes above and beyond her stated responsibilities to help us with concerns not even part of our contract with her. Wendy is bright and highly knowledgeable, and has all of the "four P's" more than covered: patient, personable, professional, and punctual. As owners who are not always in town, we know that our property is in the best of hands. This gives us an invaluable peace of mind."Stan & Ted…..Landlords…..Boston, MA"
  • Great on-time reliable customer service"D.R.…..Tenant…..Farmington, ME"
  • Wendy has worked diligently. She has been prompt in response to any problem that has arisen, has identified reliable workers, has shown good judgement in finding and selecting potential tenants. She is affable, available and able therefore we give her an AAA rating."J.M.…..Landlord…..Scarborough, ME"
  • They are nice people."R.T.…..Tenant…..Farmington, ME"
  • Wendy is extraordinarily attentive to the guests who rent my camp for vacations or short-term work assignments, and equally extraordinary to work with me as the property owner. Always customer focused, professional, prepared--and she can see around corners to anticipate and therefore prevent problems. The business partner you want beside you thinking up new marketing tactics or handling the renter whose dog bit the property manager's child or whose cat peed all over the carpet. Wendy is honest, fair, on time, oozes competence. Hire her!"C.A.…..Landlord…..Rutherford, NJ"
  • I had a great experience working with Wendy from Sandy River Property Management. She worked wonders when I needed to get out of my lease a month early, because I was relocated out of state for work. She handled everything professionally and efficiently which meant a lot. Thank you very much for everything Wendy!"J.G.…..Tenant…..Farmington, ME"
  • Wendy is doing a great job managing my property. She's always been there when I had a question and gave me great advice when it came to renting my house. I strongly recommend her to any future landlords!"Justin…..Landlord…..Bangor, ME"
  • Wendy took all of the stress out of finding a tenant and collecting the rent and managing the property."Michael…..Landlord…..Weld, ME"
  • Wendy did a great job for me. I told her what type of rental (a little more on the up scale) she took me to the perfect rental. She was very professional about returning phone calls in a timely manner, i never had to call her twice before she was back to me. I would definately use Wendy again and give her name as a reference to friends."Jim…..Tenant…..Livermore Falls, ME"
  • Thank you Wendy Wright for your expertise and efficient help with our rental!"Ann…..Landlord…..Mystic, CT"
  • Wendy Wright from Sandy River Property Management has been our Property Manager for two years now, and it has been our utmost pleasure getting to know her. Wendy is highly dependable, friendly, and compassionate about her line of work. Moving is one of the most stressful times in many of our lives and Wendy tries her hardest to assure the transition goes smoothly and her clients are happy with their new found homes. I would recommend Wendy Wright and Sandy River Property Management to everyone I know looking for a home because of the wonderful experience we have had!"Danielle…..Tenant…..Farmington, ME "
  • Wendy is an excellent property manager, any time I call she always promptly calls me back and fixes any issues or problem I have ever had! She is welcoming and understanding! I have no complaints about Wendy or Sandy River Property Management." Lauren…..Tenant…..Farmington, ME"
  • Wendy assisted in my family getting into the perfect home for us. She was on top of everything we needed and was so kind and friendly. This rental experience has been wonderful."Kristy…..Tenant…..Farmington, ME"
  • Wendy is proactive, attentive, and thorough in evaluating, listing and vetting potential renters. Wendy has been pleasant and easy with which to work." Cheryl…..Landlord…..Virginia Beach, VA "
  • Wendy has been very helpful and friendly throughout the rental process. Any time I have a question or concern, Wendy is right there, even at night, and on the weekends. I would highly recommend dealing with Wendy when it comes to renting/buying a property." Jessica…..Tenant…..Wilton, ME"
  • Wendy is always cheerful and responds to landlord and tenants concerns in a timely manner. We have always appreciated the way she gets results."C.K…..Landlord…..Farmington, ME"
  • I have been very happy with the service you have given me over the last few years. I rarely have any problems. My apartments are rented out A.S.A.P and come tax time the accounting of my property makes it extremely easy for my tax preparer."Jim…..Landlord…..Wiesbaden, Germany"
  • Wendy has been great throughout the year, even with a difficult tenant. She has always dealt with any issues in a very friendly, efficient and professional manner. Since Wendy took over the sale of our house, again she has been excellent, updating photos and re-assessing the sale price. We are very happy with the service provided by Wendy and by Sandy River Property Management."Geoff…..Landlord…..Cumbria, England"
  • Wendy has been very helpful with renting my house while I'm in CA taking care of my dad. Many times she's had to help with maintenance problems and chasing down my rent, she does a great job. Thanks for all your help."S.M…..Landlord…..Indio, CA"
  • Great Service--Wendy's done a super job."W.M…..Landlord…..Stevensville, MD "
  • Everything works out fine, and there are no problems."Jim…..Landlord…..Weld, ME

And remember…At Sandy River Property Management, we treat both the landlords, and the tenants, with the respect, and honesty that they deserve. So, whether you want to stay a week, a year, or a lifetime, at Sandy River Property Management, everyone deserves a nice place to live.